Minrva works with all I-Share libraries in Illinois. That means if your library is part of I-Share, Minrva is already available and free for your patrons. You can start using Minrva today at your I-Share library by simply downloading the app, and then choosing your library when prompted for a location.

Minrva Core

The Minrva core are the set of modules available for all I-Share libraries in CARLI.


A book with a red x through it. Displays a list of blocks against a user account. Information includes: the institution that assigned the block, the day and time that the block was instituted, and the description of the block.

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Catalog Search

A magnifying glass. An interface to the library catalog. Students are able to refine searches by location, type of search, and free text input. The module is able to display many pages of search results as a user scrolls.

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Checked Out

A stack of books with a checkmark written over them. Displays a list of checked out items. Information includes: the title, institution, due date, and current status ("Checked-out" or "Renewed") of the borrowed item. Users can renew any of their currently checked-out items.

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A paper labeled Citations with cogs drawn on top of the paper. The citation module is designed to allow a user to quickly and accurately cite a wide variety of sources in either MLA or APA format. The module also allows the user to email the completed citation.

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Course Reserves

A stack of books labeled 'Reserved'. Allows you to quickly view all reserves for a particular course, including print reserve materials, electronic reserves, and any media items. Simply search by course, instructor, or department.

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A stack of books with a hand gesturing thumbs up on top of them. Displays a list of favorited items. Information displayed in the favorites module includes: the title of the favorited item along with the author(s), artist(s), subtitles, etc.

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A pile of gold coins. Displays a list of all fines associated with this account. Information displayed in the fines module includes: title of item, date fine was levied, amount, and type of fine.

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Requested Items

A basket with a stack of books in it. Displays a list of all of the items that a user has requested. This module also allows the user to cancel any requests that they have placed.

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A golden owl of Minrva with a red status baloon indicating an update. The updates module displays updates related to the Minrva App. Check for upcoming app changes, general announcements, and the status of the Minrva App.

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Minrva Toolbar

An image of the toolbar portion of the app.

An image of the letter 'A'

The "Recently Viewed" module displays a list of items that were recently searched and selected.

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An image of the letter 'B'

Change your location. The location you select will be the search target for the catalog and will populate available modules.

An image of the letter 'C'

Information about the app.

Minrva Custom

The Minrva custom modules are the set of modules that have custom functionality and databases configured for select unit libraries of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. If you would like to add custom modules for your library please check out our new subscription page.

Best Sellers

A new book image. The Best Sellers Module displays bestselling books that are available for checkout through the University of Illinois Library.

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An events sign. The Events Module displays a complete list of current news about upcoming University of Illinois Library events, exhibits, and activities.

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An icon of a clock. The Hours Module displays which of the University of Illinois Libraries are currently open or closed. Selecting a library shows more information about their hours for the upcoming week.

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Journal Search

A journal book with a magnifying glass hovering over it. The journal search module acts as an interface to journal database providers. Users are authenticated to ensure that the students have access to the database of interest.

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New Titles

A new book image. Shows students recently added items to the library location selected.

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Question Board

A basket with a stack of books in it. The Question Board module displays a list of questions and answers. The Question Board is an anonymous question and answer service provided by the Undergraduate Library at the University of Illinois.

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A room with students inside. The Recommendations Module provides you with a list of suggested items from the library collection. These items are recommended to you based on your checked out history and your favorited books within the Library's VuFind system.

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Room Reserve

A room with students inside. Allows a student to reserve a study room in the library.

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A barcode being scanned by a red light. The scanner module allows a user to easily scan a book for use by other modules. The scanner supports barcodes with Codabar format.

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A laptop with a camera sitting on the keyboard. The technology module displays a list of loanable technology items along with a count of how how many are currently available.

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Topic Space

A rendering of the library topic spaces. Topic space allows a user to take a picture of an item's call number in the book stacks. The module will show the user other books that are relevant but that are not shelved nearby; it can also show users books that are normally shelved here but that are currently checked out.

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A blank map with a dotted line path leading up to a star. Displays a conceptual map of the library drawn to scale along with a red dot symbolizing where the currently selected book is located.

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