Wayfinder Module


Wayfinder Module



Author(s) Benjamin Ryckman, Chang Liu, Collin Walther, Ben Blaisdell, Christopher Collins, Maxx Macica, Raymond Farias, Yier Huang
Maintainer(s) Benjamin Ryckman
Source source
Sponsors University Library - Research and Publications Committee
Latest Version 9.1.2017


The Wayfinder Module displays the location of the most recently searched and selected item. Enabling Bluetooth LE, at prompted locations, allows Wayfinder to map your indoor position.

Information displayed in the Wayfinder Module includes:

  • Location - Wayfinder will construct a map marking the selected item.
  • Information - Information associated with the item. This includes the title, call number, and shelf number.


View Map

After selecting the Wayfinder Module, you will automatically be presented with a map of the library your item can be found in. The item will be marked on the map by a red point. Some libraries may also be equipped to display your current position. Your location is marked by a red user icon. If the item can’t be mapped, a picture will not be available.

A screenshot of the wayfinder module displaying a map of your library.

Change Mapped Item

You may change the selected item that is being mapped. To do this, select the “Recently Viewed” button, and choose one of the items from the list. The list is populated from past searched and selected items, which are stored in your Recent Stack.

A screenshot of the wayfinder module displaying other items the user previously viewed which can be mapped.

Navigating the Map

To help navigate using the maps, users can zoom in using the “+” button and zoom out by using the “-“ button. Pressing the button that is labeled with the user icon, will automatically keep the map centered on the user. If this button isn’t displayed, indoor positioning isn’t available for that library.

A screenshot of the wayfinder module displaying an icon of the user navigating the map.

Popular Near Me (available at select locations)

Select the “Popular Near Me” button to view popular books nearby. Included in the list are popularly circulating books, as well as eBooks and e-journals that relate to the section of the library. If your indoor position isn’t available, the “Popular Near Me” button will be grayed out.

A screenshot of the wayfinder module displaying 'popular near me' results.

View Results

The “Popular Near Me” results will be displayed in a list. Scroll up and down the list to see all of the items. By clicking on one of the list items, you can select that item. More information will be displayed, such as the location, status, and description. For eBooks with full text, you will be linked to the online resource.

A screenshot of the wayfinder module displaying content from an e-resource recommended based on location in the book stacks.
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