Recommendations Module


Recommendations Module



Author(s) Benjamin Ryckman, Chang Liu, Collin Walther
Maintainer(s) Benjamin Ryckman
Source source
Sponsors University of Illinois - Campus Research Board
Latest Version 10.5.2016


The Recommendations Module provides you with a list of suggested items. These items are recommended to you based on your checked out history and your favorited books.

Information displayed in the recommendation module includes:

  • Title - The title of the item.
  • Author - The author of the item.
  • Information - Any other information associated with the item. This may include item availability, description, subtitles, etc.


Log in

You will automatically be presented with this login screen if an account is needed to access the feature selected. Enter your username and password, and then click "Login" to login. Click "Cancel" to return to the main screen.

A screenshot of the recommendations module displaying a VuFind (library catalog) login interface for user name and password.

View Results

The recommendation results will be displayed in a list. Scroll up and down the list to see all of the items.

A screenshot of the recommendations module displaying a list of recommendation results.

More Like This

If an item seems interesting, you can select the “More Like This” button. A new list of related books will be generated, based off of your selection.

A screenshot of the recommendations module displaying a second level of recommendation based on tapping an interesting item.

Selecting an Item

By clicking on one of the list items, you can select that item. More information will be displayed, such as the location, status, and description.

A screenshot of the recommendations module displaying item details such as location and item availability.
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