Scanner Module


Scanner Module



Author(s) Nathaniel Ryckman
Maintainer(s) Nathaniel Ryckman
Source source
Sponsors IMLS
Latest Version 3.1.2014


The Scanner Module scans the library barcode, and is able to call information about the scanned item.



To start a scan, click on the button which reads, “Start Scanning.” If available, this will bring up the device’s camera. Locate the library’s barcode and center it on your device’s screen. The Scanner Module will automatically capture the barcode after it focuses. You will then be brought to an information page that will give more information about the item, such as alternate locations, publisher, and description. The Scanner Module is particularly convenient for scanning a physical book, which adds it to your Recent Stack. Once the item is added to your Recent Stack, it can be easily favorited, cited, etc.

A screenshot of the scanner module displaying a scanned barcode.
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