QB Module


QB Module



Author(s) Benjamin Ryckman
Maintainer(s) Benjamin Ryckman
Source source
Sponsors University of Illinois Undergraduate Library
Latest Version 3.1.2014


The Question Board is an anonymous question and answer service provided by the Undergraduate Library at the University of Illinois. Students submit questions, mostly about trivia and general information on forms located at the Question Board or online. As part of the Undergraduate Library's Reference services since 1972, the original Question Board has answered thousands of questions posted anonymously. The QB Module displays a list of QB questions and answers.


Select a Subject

Tap the subject area for questions you are interested in reading more about.

A screenshot of the QB module displaying the list of subjects.

Select a Question

Tap the question to read a detailed entry to Question Board.

A screenshot of the QB module displaying a list of questions.

Question View

Pan down to read the entire answer from QB. Note that QB suggests reference sources to consult for learning more about the topic.

<A screenshot of the QB module displaying a question.
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