Library Hours Module


Hours Module



Author Benjamin Ryckman
Maintainer(s) Benjamin Ryckman
Source source
Latest Version 8.26.2015


The Hours Module displays which of the University of Illinois Libraries are currently open or closed. Selecting a library shows more information about their hours for the upcoming week.

Information displayed in the Hours module includes:

  • Location - The name of the library
  • Hours - The hours the library is open
  • Open/Closed - Wether the library is currently open or closed


View Results

Scroll through the list to get a quick look at which library locations are currently open or closed, for the current day.

A screenshot of the hours module displaying open/close times for all libraries.

Expanding a List

To view the opening and closing times of a specific library, for the upcoming week, select the library’s name.

A screenshot of the hours module with the list expanded over a unit library, showing open and closed times for the week..
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