Favorites Module


Favorites Module



Author(s) Ayush Bathwal, Benjamin Ryckman, Eric Joyner, Matthew Kapala, Nathaniel Ryckman
Maintainer(s) Benjamin Ryckman, Nathaniel Ryckman
Source source
Sponsors IMLS
Latest Version 3.1.2014


The Favorites Module displays a list of items that you have marked as a favorite.

Information displayed in the Favorites Module includes:

  • Title - The title of the favorite item.
  • Information - Any other information associated with the item. This may be author(s), artist(s), subtitles, etc.
A screenshot of the favorites module listing a user's favorited items.


Log In

You will automatically be presented with this login screen if an account is needed to access the feature selected. Enter your username and password, and then click "Login" to login. Click "Cancel" to return to the main screen.

A screenshot of the favorites module displaying the login screen.

View Favorites

The favorited items from your account will be displayed in a list. Scroll up and down the list to see all of the items.

A screenshot of the favorites module listing the user's favorite items.

Selecting an Item

By clicking on one of the list items, you can select that item. More information will be displayed, such as the location, status, and description.

Adding a Favorite

To add a new favorite to your list, select the dropdown menu located on the top of the page. A list of recently searched materials will appear. Select the item you wish to favorite. Once the dropdown menu closes and the book is selected, press the green plus button to add the selected item to your favorites list.

A screenshot of the favorites module showing the add a favorite option.

Removing a Favorite

To remove a favorite from your list, click on the red minus button next to the list item you would like to remove. You will be prompted to be sure you want to remove the item. Select “Yes” to remove the item, or select “No” if you do not want to remove this item.

A screenshot of the favorites module showing the remove a favorite option.

Sharing to Facebook

To share a favorite to Facebook, click on the “Share” button next to the item you want to share. A prompt will appear. Select “Yes” if you are sure you want to share this item to your Facebook. Select “No” if you decide against sharing the item to your Facebook. If “Yes” is chosen, proceed to login to your Facebook account. If you have recently logged into your Facebook account from Minrva, you will not be required to login again. After the login process, your favorite item will be posted to your Facebook wall.

A screenshot of the favorites module showing the prompt to share a favorite on facebook.
A screenshot of the favorites module showing the facebook login.
A screenshot of the favorites module showing the result of a favorite shared on facebook.

Log Out

Click once on the down arrow in the upper-right corner. Then select “Logout.”

A screenshot of the logout screen of the favorites module.
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