Library Events Module


Events Module



Author Paul Vijayakumar
Maintainer Benjamin Ryckman
Source source
Latest Version 8.27.2015


The Events Module displays a complete list of current news about upcoming library events, exhibits, and activities.

Information displayed in the events module includes:

  • Title - The name of the library event
  • Date - The date or date range the event is occuring
  • Location - The location in which the event is occurting
  • Cost - The monetary cost to attend the select event
  • Sponsor - The name of the organization who helped sponsor the event
  • Phone Number - The contact phone number for the selected event
  • Event Type - The general categorization of the currently selected event
  • Description - A more detailed description of what the selected event entails


View Results

Scroll through the list of events to view the currently available events.

A screenshot of the events module displaying upcoming events in the University of Illinois Library system.

Refining Event Results

To search through the event list (using a specific keyword, type, or time), use the search box and/or the dropdown boxes to refine the event results.

A screenshot of the events module with search results for music events.

Selecting an Item

By clicking on one of the list items, you can select that item. More information will be displayed, such as the location, cost, and description.

A screenshot of the events module with details on the selected event.
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